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The health benefits of Himalayan pink salt lamps are supported by different professionals, but it is widely suggested to use these lamps regularly to get maximum benefits. Moreover, salt lamps must be placed properly for the best outcomes. Following are some tips to place these lamps:


The negative ions emitted by the pink salt lamps as well as their hygroscopic nature provide various benefits to your health.  They can help in easy respiration, reducing stress and getting better sleep. So, it is suggested to place a salt lamp in your bedroom.

Kids Room

In addition to usual accessories and toys, having a pink salt lamp in your kid’s room is a great option. The health-promoting effect of the salt lamp can boost your child’s health, protecting them from the harmful particles and positively charged ions present in the room’s air.

Living Room

To get the maximum benefits closely, place a pink salt lamp in your living area which is mostly used by your family. This is a great way to décor your living room while getting countless health benefits.

Massage and Spa Room

Massage and spa rooms are the places for getting mind and body relaxation. Good spas always try to have all the accessories to satisfy their customers. So, a pink salt lamp can be a great addition to a massage, meditation or spa room. The soothing light and negative ions emitted by the salt lamps help to get rid of mental and physical stress.

Office Room

The positive ions are continuously emitted by the electronic devices around you, especially in your office. These positive ions actually have a negative effect on your health, but it is almost impossible to avoid these electronic devices. Salt lamps emit negatively charged ions which counter the harmful effect of positively charged ions by neutralizing them. So placing a pink salt lamp in your office room can be useful.

Patient Room

Patients always need a natural and clean environment which can aid in their healing process. Clean and pure air is desired by the patients, especially those who are suffering from respiratory disorders. So, placing a pink salt lamp in their room is one of the best gifts for your loved ones.

Window Shelf

Nowadays, air pollution is increasing rapidly. Doors and windows are the main source of dust and other contaminants. So it is suggested to place a pink salt lamp on window shelves of your home, as it can combat these pollutants and protect you from these harmful particles.

Himalayan salt bowl lamp

With a growing market, it has become difficult to distinguish between real and fake Himalayan salt lamps. Usually, one can only be exposed to the characteristics of a fake lamp by carefully reading the reviews of the product or by buying or using a salt lamp. However, there are several ways to differentiate between real and fake ones. Following are some of the signs of fake Himalayan salt lamp:

No Positive Health Effects

Real Himalayan pink salt lamps have some great positive effects on health. If you are using a proper salt lamp at your place and are in regular exposure for a long time, but did not feel any positive effects on your health then you must rethink about the originality of your salt lamp.

White Crystals

A real Himalayan salt lamp usually gives pinkish or orange hue. Prefer buying a lamp with these versions if you want a real one. Although there are some salt lamps with white crystals it is very rare. Moreover, the real white salt lamps are too costly, so if a white salt lamp is not significantly expensive then it is probably a fake one.

Light Intensity

Real pink salt lamps do not have very bright light. Actually, this is because of the high mineral content of Himalayan salt that its light is somewhat dim and irregular. If a salt lamp if giving very bright light and illuminating a full room then it is probably fake.

Resistant to Moisture

Salt has hygroscopic nature, so it absorbs moisture from the surroundings. If a salt lamp is not adversely affected by moisture than it is probably a fake one. On the other hand, a little sweating occurs when a real salt lamp is placed near a moisture source.

Origin not Pakistan

Real Himalayan pink salt always originates from the Khewra salt mines of Pakistan. To check whether you have a real salt lamp of not, look for the origin of the product or ask the lamp manufacturer about the salt lamp’s origin. If your salt lamp is not from Pakistan, it is a fake one.

pink salt wall

Introduction of pink salt

Himalayan salt is the pure form of salt that is available for the number of commercial and home purposes such as used for cooking, medicines, and cosmetics. This appetizing salt has beautifully formed crystals which range in colors from white to reddish pink. The reddish color of salt due to presences of a high content of iron and minerals in the salt crystals. Its regular consumption provides the bunch of essential minerals and electrolytes which are helpful to maintain overall body function such as release toxin from body, balance pH, improve circulation of blood as well as helpful in proper nutrients absorption.

History of salt

The Himalayan pink salt is formed during Jurassic era about 250 million years naturally found in the Himalayan mountains and has been considered a valuable interest for many countries.

Pink salt is considered as purest salt over the earth. Numbers of theories are belonging to it. For example, the ancient sea beds inside the salt mountains were covered by the lava and this lava protects the salt from pollutants and toxins. Due to these natural protection phenomena of God, many scientists believe that is the purest salt on earth.

Many geologists believe that the range of salt mountains are formed due to the movement of tectonic plates. Firstly, people have used it for the preservation purpose. So, it was most common amongst trading people. Mostly in Nepal people used it for the trading of fish.

These days this salt located near the foothills of the Himalayas in Pakistan. Mining of salt in Pakistan strictly regulate in order to preserve it.

This pure salt is used for the number of purposes that are following;

  • Preservation of food
  • Culinary uses
  • Pharmaceuticals uses

Preservation of food: This salt is used for the preservation purpose from an ancient time. People used it to store fish, meat and many vegetables. So, it was important for trading purpose.

Culinary uses: This salt has more nutritional value as compared to common table salt. So, it is mostly used at home for cooking purposes.

Pharmaceutical uses: This salt is used to treat many diseases and also used in the preparation of many medicines. It treats with the sinus infection, bones weakness, wrinkles, and cramps etc.


Halotherapy is a unique non-invasive treatment in which salt is converted in micro particles and spread in air which is helpful to treat variety of lower and upper respiratory disorders as well as many skin diseases such as bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, eczema and psoriasis.

Background of Therapy

Salt is used as therapeutic purpose from many centuries. First time it studied in 1843, when they observed the physical condition of some salt miners in Poland despite their poor nutrition. Those miners rarely faced any respiratory diseases such as flu, common cold. After this research, the salt mines became popular for the respiratory issues researchers. IN Russia, certified salt rooms as medical complex devices for the treatment of respiratory and skin issues. Now in these days it is spread successfully in Western Europe, Canada, north America as well as Israel and give positive effects.

How salt works?

The environment of salt room free from the allergens, pollutants and pathogens. The unique beach like environment of our salt room creates an exclusive stress-free environment of the room.

During this treatment, the micro particles of salt enters in the body and move towards cellular regions deep inside. At cellular level, these micro particles stimulate the inner lining of the airway passage, improves the mucous production and makes the immune system better against pathogens. Through this treatment the deficiency of sodium chloride can be overcome.

Similar to sinus issues, these salt particles in air also helpful to treat number of skin diseases such as eczema, dermatitis etc.

Ions in salt

Pink salt contain positive sodium ions and negative chloride ions, bounded together. These salt particles break into ions due to heat and moisture. When you inhale air in this room, salt particles enter in your lungs via airway passage and break. The negative ions stimulate the inner skin of respiratory tract.

The negative ions treat the following issues;

  • Reduce fatigue
  • Energy booster
  • Improves metabolism
  • Reduce stress
  • Alert brain cells
  • Reduce headache
  • Improves sleep cycle
  • Reduces depressio


From ancient time pink salt considered to be effective in the treatment of the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. This salt therapy helps to induce ease in breathing and proven to be effective in treating lungs diseases. COPD is a devastating and degenerative lung disease associated with restriction of airflow in as well as out of the lungs. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease itself describes that it also includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Various researchers considered halotherapy is effective treatment method for COPD patients. But clear evidence not yet confirmed.

History of Pink Salt for COPD

In history, Individual suffers from lung diseases moves to the caves and surprisingly their breathing issue solved. Various such studies are performed in favor of COPD. A recent study performed on 35 individuals using halotherapy. This study revealed following fact without inducing adverse effect.

  • 85% mild asthmatic patients get relief
  • 97% cystic fibrosis and chronic bronchitis person cured by this
  • 75% severe asthma cured by it.

Symptoms of COPD:

Main symptoms associated with COPD are:

  • Due to excessive mucus production, you have to clear your throat in morning
  • Cyanosis (bluish fingers nail bed as well as lips)
  • Shortness of the breath
  • Respiratory infection (most frequent)
  • Chronic cough associated with clear, yellowish, white or greenish sputum
  • Wheezing
  • Unintended reduced weight
  • Chest tightness
  • Ankles, foot and legs swelling
  • Lessen energy level

Working of the pink salt therapy:

According to Pink Salt therapy, it detoxifies the respiratory tract as well as speeds up the toxins elimination. Main characteristic associated with it are:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Reduces IgE level
  • Looses excessive mucus or mucolytic
  • Antibacterial
  • Reduce immune system oversensitivity
  • Remove airborne pollens pathogens
  • Salt helps to treat tissue damage by penetrating deep into the tissue

Sometimes it takes 12 month to treat condition properly.