Himalayan salt bricks are specially designed for leisure and health purposes. Salt is a natural remedy to allergy, asthma and associated diseases.
Pink salt has invented newer ways of dealing with chronic respiratory disorders. One can feel the freshness of cleaner airs and unpolluted surroundings with Himalayan Brick salt.
Replace the wooden and cemented texture with natural ingredients that is with Himalayan salt bricks. Enjoy the pious, neat and clean surrounding and breathe in a comfort zone devoid of any contamination.
Salt bricks won’t only purify the air around you; it will act as a natural cure for mental uneasiness as well. Peace is the order of the day as we are made to work and perform multiple tasks in shorter spans which suffocate our brain cells.
Bricks out of purest salt will pave the way towards eternal peace as one can sit back, relax and rejoice in natural conditions.

                                      salt brick
Himalayan salt has been researched time and again for its positive impacts on our body and soul. It has been proved that Himalayan is a natural therapy to undo persistent respiratory disorders.
Our respiratory tracks are choked with dust and toxic pollutants because of environmental degradation. Reluctantly one can get inflicted with respiratory syndromes such as asthma. Allergies are closely associated with asthma as our body releases undesired hormones at inappropriate times.
Salt brick structure around you will act as a natural shield against all sorts of environmental contamination.
Your body shall carry out the all important tasks of inhalation and exhalation with ease and you will never feel short of breaths.
Additionally tidy conditions around you will remove all sorts of distress and frustrations from your mind and you will feel delighted, energetic and motivated.
Brick salt serves multiple purposes; it shall glorify the beauty of your living rooms and bedrooms and shall clear up all the toxins from your body over a period of time.

Salt isn’t just meant for adding flavor to our food. Salt is a natural ingredient that has so much more to offer. We have devised ways to personify your breaths and feelings through unique products out of Himalayan salt.
Himalayan pink salt (Halite) is found in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Khewra is the place where the gigantic mountain terrain holds massive salt reserves. Himalayan salt has something special to offer apart from its peculiar taste. It has the ability to penetrate beyond the physical apparatus of human beings and clean our respiratory track. Allowing Himalayan salt to stay around us will allow fresh and cleaner air to go through our bronchioles thus facilitating smoother respiration.

Pink salt is preparing handsome products out of salt for multi purposes:

a) Salt products will enhance the beauty of residences, offices and public infrastructures.
b) Decorative salt products will allow safer breathing zones and will have healing affects on allergy and asthma patients.

                                                                                                                                                        Products out of Himalayan salt will tranquilize your breathing sensations

Pink salt is working on the design and quality of Himalayan salt products and will soon break the news of availability.
Salt products shall be glittering and pleasing from the apparent eye. Also they shall speed up the recovery process of chronic allergy and asthma patients.
Our environment is badly polluted because of industrial revolutions and combustion of fossil fuels. Salt products become an important precautionary measure to protect our respiratory systems from any
damage or disease.