Himalayan Pink Salt


Today I’m all set to talk about the much-hyped question What is Himalayan Pink Salt which has been the talk of the town for a couple of years. Himalayan Pink Salt is the magical natural element which is of great color, has countless health benefits, is the ultimate supporter of the great cause of sustainability […]

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Himalayan Salt Bricks for Salt Room

Magical Benefits of Pink Salt Products


Do you know that a salt table is made by using salt bricks? How can bricks be used to make tables? A table is another thing and bricks are a different thing, so how is it possible? It is true that salt tablets, known as Dixie are made by joining salt bricks to form a […]

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What is Himalayan Pink Salt

Buy Himalayan Salt Products


Do you know that you can move around a salt wall? Not actually the entire salt wall, but something like a salt wall and much easier to have. Himalayan Salt Fingo is a standing structure made from salt bricks in the same way as the salt wall. But it is made up of only three […]

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