How Climate Change Worsens Allergies And Protection Against It

How Climate Change Worsens Allergies And Protection Against It

How Climate Change Worsens Allergies:

According to most significant research led by Harvard, the adequate increase of burning fossil fuels has resulted in carbon pollution, which heats up the planet and drives climate change. The hot temperatures and carbon pollution automatically affect the growing seasons of plants and make them produce more pollen over the year. More specifically, climate change causes later winters and earlier springs which automatically increase the growing season of the plants that produce Allergies causing pollen.

      Pink Salt for Therapy - Pink Salt Wall

The pollen collecting stations all over the world have found a horrific increase in the annual pollen production. They have also reported the fact that it will further increase in the upcoming years given the possibility of increased pollution and intense climate change. These pollen become the reason for many allergies and diseases.

Moreover, the increase of burning fossil fuels also pollutes the air by emitting harmful pollutants which pollutes the air and thus worsens the allergies. For the very reason, reducing fossil fuels has dual benefits, one of them is slowing climate change and the other is reducing various allergies or asthma attacks.

However, it’s more of a fictional solution to this huge problem because fossil fuels can only be reduced if the UN or worlds’ leaders take responsibility for it (which is far from being done) . So, let’s dig deep into a better solution which is quite possible for people to do.

Protection Against It:

There are many ways to fight off allergies however it’s better to choose more natural and sustainable ways in order to play a part in reducing climate change. When it comes to more natural ways, Salt Room Therapy naturally comes at the top of the list because of its healthy yet natural impacts. This therapy is being done in a Himalayan salt induced space and it is the key element in this therapy which do wonders. Let’s see why we only talked about Himalayan Salt Therapy, what it is and how it can be processed.

Why Salt Therapy

When we talk about Salt Therapy, “Himalayan Salt” comes into mind. Himalayan Pink Salt has the ability to purify the air and also travel all the way from nostrils to the entire bronchi and clean it/fight off various allergies. This special salt emits negative ions in the air and when salt particles enter the respiratory tract, it removes unwanted particles from lungs and clears the lining of the respiratory tract. This is the reason that healthy lungs build by using this noble salt around.

       Salt Room - Pink Salt Wall

There are many salt saunas and salt rooms scattered all over the world for their extraordinary impacts. People have also started building their own customized Himalayan salt rooms in their homes and offices to have many health benefits in hand.

Try Salt Room therapy and get rid of all those stubborn allergies.

Build Himalayan Pink Salt Wall

You can have the benefits of this therapy at your own home. Just build Himalayan pink salt wall in your room or any other suitable place in the house. Measure the area on which you want to build a salt wall. This area should cover a space where you can breathe well. Go on Google and Search for Himalayan Salt Blocks 8” x 4” x 2” and Saltite (Salt Glue or Adhesive). for building a salt wall, you can use different sizes but mostly 2” thick salt bricks are used. But for building customize salt wall people use different size:

  • Salt Bricks - 8” x 4” x 2”
  • Salt Tiles - 8” x 4” x 1”
  • Salt Block - 8” x 4” x 0.75”
  • Salt Block - 4.5” x 4.5” x 2”
  • Salt Block - 8” x 8” x 1”
  • Salt Block - 12” x 8” x 1”

You can choose any of this size for your customized wall and purchase Saltite to connect these blocks. This is special developed glue that joins the Himalayan salt bricks with each other and leaves no space. It is transparent and strongly glued with blocks. You can also use backlights behind the salt wall to make it more alluring and attractive. People use back-lights of different colors or can be used with the same color. There is a large variety of back-lighting.

We feel proud to introduce a large range of unique Himalayan salt products including Salt Blocks, Salt Lamps, Salt Bricks, Salt Tiles, Salt Candles. We sell all kinds of building materials and also refer builders/handi-man and back-light providers. We also give guidance to our customers related benefits of salt and for building too.

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