Do you know that you can move around a salt wall? Not actually the entire salt wall, but something like a salt wall and much easier to have. Himalayan Salt Fingo is a standing structure made from salt bricks in the same way as the salt wall. But it is made up of only three bricks. So it is 8 inches wide, 12 inches long and 2 inches thick. When you know the dimensions, you must now understand how it looks like and how much space it would take in your house. It would fit in a very small slot around your room and stay there silently, giving out the benefits of the salt room quietly to the inhabitants of the house.

 There are many other products available which are made of salt apart from the salt fingo. Salt bricks are one of them. These are the basic material for numerous other salt products including the salt fingo. Another one is salt Dixie. Some of the salt bricks sit together and make a flat slab of salt and then four wooden legs support this slab in order to make it into a table. This table is a good and healthy thing to have as your study table. If lights are also fitted in the salt bricks, then it would become a much prettier thing. 

The salt frame is another thing made from the salt bricks. These are made by joining just a few salt bricks. This is smaller than a salt wall, but having all the benefits a salt wall has. If you are not having enough space or can’t afford to build an entire salt wall, then you should definitely have a salt LED frame as it is a much convenient thing to have.

The other handy Himalayan Salt Products include the salt lamps. These can light up your entire room in addition to giving out the benefits of Himalayan salt. You can have them in your desired shape and your needed sizes. Many colors of Himalayan salt make the salt lamps much prettier and when they are lighted up, they give a very calming light. This light purifies the air and makes it clean and healthy for humans to breathe in. 

Salt Monro is a salt product made from Himalayan salt. It is basically a round circular sphere-shaped structure in which light is fitted and it can sit comfortably on your center table. Salt star is another of the very handy salt products. It is a star-shaped candle holder made from 100% pure Himalayan salt. Salt Ducky is one of the very handy salt items. It is a paperweight made from salt shaped like a heart, to keep your loose papers safe from flying around your room. Salt ember and salt gizmo are two other of the products of salt.You can have all these and many more salt products straight from Pink Salt Wall. They offer them for wholesale and at very good rates. 

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