Everybody like to keep the air of his house purified to maintain a healthy indoor environment. While selecting a device which can create a healthy environment some cautions should always be kept in mind. The device which you are using at your home may be harmful in some cases if not used properly. The house should be safe both for humans as well as pets living inside that house. Some people also consider their pets as their family members and spend a lot to give them special care and healthy environment. That’s why all the devices or equipment you are having at your home must be safe for your pets as well. The safety of a salt lamp actually depends upon the proper use of a salt lamp. Generally, the salt lamps are safe for
pets, but in some cases salt poisoning can occur if proper care is not taken, especially in the case of furry pets like cats and dogs. The properly placed salt lamps areabsolutely safe for your pets and does not cause harm to your pets, but on the other hand salt lamps can be somewhat dangerous if your pet licks them excessively. As the salt lamps give a beautiful glowing light, the pets can be easily attracted towards them. Pets also have do recommended intake dose of salt (sodium chloride) which is 16.7 mg sodium and 23.7 mg chloride for cats, whereas 3 mg/pound of body weight for dogs. If the pets excessively lick the salt lamps or the intake is increased than recommended amount, it can have serious health effects. For that reason it is recommended to keep the salt lamps out of the reach of pets by placing them in the area where pets are not allowed.


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