Today I’m all set to talk about the much-hyped question What is Himalayan Pink Salt which has been the talk of the town for a couple of years. Himalayan Pink Salt is the magical natural element which is of great color, has countless health benefits, is the ultimate supporter of the great cause of sustainability and can be molded into handy products.
It is exclusively mined from the southern bend of the Himalayan Salt Ranges located in Punjab, Pakistan. It is also known as Halite, Table Salt, Rock Crustal Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, etc. The fun fact about the salt is the fact that it is the purest natural element yet it has impurities for good as they give it the beautiful pink shade. It is famous all over the world for its powerful historical background, great health benefits, countless practical uses, and others. From therapy sessions to animals’ healing and decorative ornaments, Himalayan salts’ wonders have no limit.

Most commonly the Himalayan salt is used all over the world as table salt to give flavor to the food as it has quite a rich flavor as compared to the normal salt. Moreover, it is famously used for decorative purposes as it is used in making salt artifacts, various types of salt lamps, salt baskets, candle stands, etc.
However, most of all Himalayan salt is said to have healing powers which makes it a most significant element in the treatment of many diseases. It is also molded into tiles/bricks and used for various construction purposes. Those salt tiles/bricks are further used to make the exclusive Salt Room which is used for the cure of various skin and respiratory disorders.

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