Himalayan salt is completely natural with no additives and chemicals. It is considered to be the purest form of edible salt. It is mined from the salt mines in Pakistan, known as Khewra salt mines. The reason for its purity is not a miracle but a phenomenon of nature. The ancient sea deposits in these mountains were naturally covered by lava coming from the volcanoes. This lava created a shield around these salt deposits from sea and preserved it under high pressure from all the surrounding impurities.

The pink Himalayan salt is bestowed with 84 naturally occurring trace mineral elements including calcium, potassium and magnesium which are essential for human health. Owing to its purity and incorporation of prestigious minerals in it, it comes with countless amazing benefits for your skin, respiratory problems and issues concerning your immunity, nervous system and psychological problems as well.

Apart from the health benefits by halotherapy, Himalayan pink salt is being used for making a number of decoration products to enhance aesthetic beauty salt products  such as, salt lamp, salt candle, and pink salt block wall. These products are genuinely made out of Himalayan pink salt which not only increases the aesthetic beauty but also acts as an air purifier by creating an anti-bacterial environment.

Another important benefit that we can obtain from Himalayan pink salt is to use it in food and cooking. It not only gives an enhanced flavour to food which is different from table salt but also nourishes the food itself. Adding it in food sounds normal, but an interesting and unique fact about its use in cooking is that you can actually cook food using Himalayan salt table slab. Materials that are commonly used for cooking purposes and even storing food like plastic, aluminium and non-stick (teflon) are now considered harmful for health.

Cooking food on Himalayan salt slab is a unique and new idea of significant importance due to a few reasons discussed below.

Himalayan salt has a crystalline structure that supports the distribution of heat evenly throughout the whole slab. It favours cooking of food evenly on the slab whether it is in the centre or on the edges. Not only this, but it also holds temperature for a long time whether hot or cold as compared to other cooking surfaces and hence it can also be used as a platter for serving the food so that food can stay warm for a long time without a need to reheat it.

Cooking food on Himalayan Salt table slab incorporates salty flavour to food and necessary minerals also penetrate the food you cook. If food like fish such as tuna, salmon or whitefish is placed on it will undergo automatic curing which is a preservation technique. This curing is also done by using Himalayan salt slabs for other meats like mutton or beef and even big restaurants and food chains use Himalayan salt block wall and shelf to store and cure meat and fish for longer usage.

Certainly, there are specific instructions for using these salt slabs for cooking and heating in ovens or other heating mediums. Also, you must follow the directions for cleaning salt slab and pink salt bricks since it is not advised to submerge them in water or clean it under running water. Instead, you must use a wet cloth to wipe it.


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