Himalayan Salt is the talk of the town for many years because of its numerous health benefits and other quite exceptional properties. Let’s get the facts straight whether it deserves all the hype or not. 

Himalayan Salt is also known as Himalayan Pink Salt for the fact that it contains impurities which gives it the beautiful shade of pink. It is also found in various shades of ash-red, dark pink and off-white color. Moreover, Himalayan Pink Salt is proved to have healing powers through numerous historical examples and practical experiments. It makes the surroundings anti-bacterial (perfect for meditation), maintains the room temperature, cures Asthma and other respiratory disorders along with many other great wonders. Not only this, but it also supports the great cause of sustainability by using all-natural methods in extraction, manufacturing and further implementations. 

When it comes to the Himalayan Pink Salt Uses then it would be safe to say that they are tons. It is used for decoration as the Himalayan Salt products look stunning and they quite an ultimate antique look to wherever they are being used. The best examples are the beautiful Salt Lamp, Salt Frames, Salt Artifacts, Salt basket for Fire and others. It is used for extensive construction purposes, for example, giving a fancy touch to the entrance, fireplace, staircase, etc. Moreover, it is also used for fulfilling the spa needs by the Salt Bar commonly known as Salt Spire. Other uses include cooking and serving through Salt Slabs. People mostly prefer Himalayan Salt products for the fact that they are purer, have healing powers and look good as well. 

Not only this, the most extraordinary use of Himalayan Pink Salt is that it is used to construct a whole Salt Room which is quite famous all over the world for meditating and therapeutic purposes. The Salt Room is a specialized space which is loaded with salt to get the utmost benefits. Patients having respiratory disorders and anxiety issues visit the Salt Room to get benefited. All they do is sit, relax, breathe the Pink Salt and let it do its magic thus this spiritual practice is called Himalayan Salt Room Therapy. It is not the latest technique instead it goes back to centuries when explorers and doctors accidentally invented it through natural ways.

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