Do you know that a salt table is made by using salt bricks? How can bricks be used to make tables? A table is another thing and bricks are a different thing, so how is it possible? It is true that salt tablets, known as Dixie are made by joining salt bricks to form a salt slab. This slab when placed on wooden blocks forms a salt table. You can work on this salt table and use it other than an ordinary table. This is one of the places where salt bricks are used.

But the main use of salt bricks is to make salt walls. These salt walls are good for health and retain all the benefits of Himalayan rock salt. When a person stays around them, he gradually becomes healthier. These salt walls are joined together to form salt rooms. These are the perfect place for salt therapy. This therapy is proven to be beneficial in curing asthma and other respiratory diseases. Therefore, a salt hospital comprised of the salt room has been constructed on top of the salt mine at Khewra, to treat asthma patients from all over the country. This is also a good place to stay in terms of skin problems and it improves the human immune system.

Another place where salt bricks are sued is in the making of Salt Fingo. If you do not find enough space around you to construct a salt wall and your pocket cannot bear it, then this is the perfect thing for you. You can use any number of bricks to make a salt wall and it is a big thing and same as other walls. It needs free space if you have it then the salt wall is the best thing to have around you. But if it is not possible for you, then you should have a fingo. It is a salt frame made up of just 3 bricks. You can put it anywhere and you can also move it. So, it is an easier thing to have and it has the same benefits as that of a salt room. 

Other things made from the pink Himalayan salt include the big range of salt lamps. Salt lamps are all of the different sizes and are offered in many different shapes and design. The Himalayan salt is naturally pinkish in color and also displays many different shades of pink color, and the salt lamp is a showcase of all these colors. Light when fitted in a block of salt, emits some very beautiful rays. And when one knows that these rays are healthy, then thy direly wish to absorb them as much as possible. A salt lamp is a very beautiful yet unique decoration piece to adorn the barren corners of your house and make it beautiful with its sparkling light.

There are also many other beautiful yet handy salt items, including salt starco, which is a star-shaped thing in which you can light up a candle, a salt ducky is a heart-shaped paperweight, salt frames are the smaller versions of salt walls, salt Monro is a round circular salt lamp, salt gizmo is a wooden basket lighted up and filled with regularly cut small blocks of salt, salt ember is a round bowl of salt and filled with pieces of salt. These Salt Products are not just beautiful to the eyes but also beneficial for the body. So, one should not restrain themselves from getting their favorite ones after knowing their benefits.

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