Pink Himalayan salt is extracted from a series of closely packed mountain terrains in Potohar region of Pakistan.
Horses of Alexander the great licked the rocks of firmly stood mountains of Potohar resulted in discovering huge reservoirs.
Hundreds of workers dig deep through salty mountains to collect precious . A salt from the
overlook has unbelievable effects on mental, physical and respiratory health of human beings.
Pinkish in color and refined texture, the naturally occurring asset is proved to cure allergy and asthma.
Products of Himalayan salt such as salt bricks and salt walls ease out our breathing mechanisms. Our
bronchioles are cleared up of all toxins, impurities and pollutants with continues inhalation in salt zones.
Salt wall have tranquilizing effect on mental health. Salt wall will control irritating thoughts and would
ease out our nervous systems.
Pink salt is delicious; it personifies the taste of foods. Pink salt is an ideal ingredient for taste conscious
people. Use of decoration pieces made of pink salt light up the outlook of your living rooms and bedrooms.
Salt walls and salt bricks fight out contaminations around our atmospheres. We can breathe safe, cure
allergy and asthma and remove all frustration and stresses from our minds.
Pink salt is a natural all in one tool for class, splendor, and taste and weaved with health safety
mechanism.Pink salt box, is a perfect way of orienting to portraits for display. Make your loved ones feel the real
fragrance of uninterrupted emotions.
Ordinary salt doesn’t support quality health whereas Pink salt is proved to work out all chronic toxins,
contaminations in our respiratory tracks. Breath with delight, in auspicious controlled surroundings
equipped with unique products out of Himalayan salt.
Pink salt wall products are fabricated with care, keeping in mind, the mental and respiratory
requirements of modern day humans.
Rejoice in comfort, glorify your evenings, eat healthy and breathe safe with quality products out of very
pure, very natural, Himalayan salt.
Pink is the color associated with tender, softness and passionate flow of emotions. Pink salt and
associated products perfectly complement the true essence of its appearance.

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