Today I’m all set to introduce you to an absolutely magical yet natural way to soothe your mind and nourish your skin. Yes! You heard it right, the Himalayan Salt Room Therapy (Halotherapy) is not only great for meditation but also cures major skin and respiratory disorders. 

Our website Pink Salt Wall (PSW) is an ultimate center for great salt products made of pure Himalayan salt. Our experts chose Himalayan pink salt to make the products for the fact that it has countless great insights and health benefits. Moreover, it is mined and further molded to make the products by using natural methods to support the great cause of sustainability. The best selling salt product on our website is the Salt Bricks which are available on absolutely affordable rates. 

Salt Bricks are on the great demand for the fact that they are used to make the Salt Rooms. The Salt Rooms are used for meditation and therapy sessions. They are made by covering the walls of the room with the layers of the pure Himalayan salt. Not only the walls, but the furniture and the lighting system is also made of salt (Salt Dixie and Salt Lamp). People come and sit in the salt rooms and the salt starts doing its wonders. Minimum 20 minutes are enough to get the great health benefits. 

There are a lot of Salt Room Benefits as salt itself has the power to make the surroundings bacteria-free and maintain the body temperature. However, there are mainly two types of salt room therapies famous all over the world. First one is for treating purposes such as it is used to cure various respiratory disorders and other diseases such as chronic bronchitis, asthma, hay fever, various ear infections, chest tightness, smoker’s cough, and others. The other one is for extensive meditating purposes. Both are very effective and show great results. 

The Salt Room can easily be built in the home too like on a small scale. Make one of the rooms of your home with the bricks made of pure Himalayan salt and start spending some time in it. You would definitely feel the difference within one month. As the Himalayan salt room has a strong historical background and its results are also proved through various experiments.  

So visit the PSW website and have a great salt shopping. 

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