The Khewra salt mine is located at Khewra in Punjab province of Pakistan. It is the largest salt mine of the sub-continent as well as the second largest and the oldest salt mine in the world. The salt range is spread to about 186 miles in length and the average height is about 2,200 feet.

In addition to the production of pure rock salt, established in March 2007 was the world’s biggest Speleotherapy center. It is a twenty-bed therapy center for the patients with respiratory disorders, especially the asthmatic patients.

For many years, Khewra salt mine has been a great attraction for the tourists from all over the world. Moreover, it also attracts a lot of asthma patients each year from all around the country.

Khewra’s salt therapy center is similar to the previously built salt resorts in Poland and Ukraine. The patients spend about 12 hours daily in the therapy center for a total of 10 days of therapy. The sterile environment has salt aerosols naturally dispersed in the air. These salt micro-particles have antibacterial effects, so they help to clear out air passages in the lungs of the respiratory patients, consequently causing an ease in breathing. The recovery percentage for young and old patients is about 70% and 50% respectively.


  1. Respiratory disease can be easily cured with the help of speleotherapy or salt therapy. the natural salts provide a natural cure to many conditions.

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