salt wall

Pink salt wall Himalayan salt bricks are specially designed for leisure and health purposes. Salt is a natural remedy to allergy, asthma and associated diseases. Pink salt has invented newer ways of dealing with chronic respiratory disorders. One can feel the freshness of cleaner airs and unpolluted surroundings with Himalayan Brick salt.
Replace the wooden and cemented texture with natural ingredients that is with Himalayan salt bricks.
Enjoy the pious, neat and clean surrounding and breathe in a comfort zone devoid of any contamination.
Salt bricks won’t only purify the air around you; it will act as a natural cure for mental uneasiness as well.
Peace is the order of the day as we are made to work and perform multiple tasks in shorter spans which suffocate our brain cells.
Bricks out of purest salt will pave the way towards eternal peace as one can sit back, relax and rejoice in natural conditions.