salt lamp

The health benefits of Himalayan pink salt lamps are supported by different professionals, but it is widely suggested to use these lamps regularly to get maximum benefits. Moreover, salt lamps must be placed properly for the best outcomes. Following are some tips to place these lamps:


The negative ions emitted by the pink salt lamps as well as their hygroscopic nature provide various benefits to your health.  They can help in easy respiration, reducing stress and getting better sleep. So, it is suggested to place a salt lamp in your bedroom.

Kids Room

In addition to usual accessories and toys, having a pink salt lamp in your kid’s room is a great option. The health-promoting effect of the salt lamp can boost your child’s health, protecting them from the harmful particles and positively charged ions present in the room’s air.

Living Room

To get the maximum benefits closely, place a pink salt lamp in your living area which is mostly used by your family. This is a great way to décor your living room while getting countless health benefits.

Massage and Spa Room

Massage and spa rooms are the places for getting mind and body relaxation. Good spas always try to have all the accessories to satisfy their customers. So, a pink salt lamp can be a great addition to a massage, meditation or spa room. The soothing light and negative ions emitted by the salt lamps help to get rid of mental and physical stress.

Office Room

The positive ions are continuously emitted by the electronic devices around you, especially in your office. These positive ions actually have a negative effect on your health, but it is almost impossible to avoid these electronic devices. Salt lamps emit negatively charged ions which counter the harmful effect of positively charged ions by neutralizing them. So placing a pink salt lamp in your office room can be useful.

Patient Room

Patients always need a natural and clean environment which can aid in their healing process. Clean and pure air is desired by the patients, especially those who are suffering from respiratory disorders. So, placing a pink salt lamp in their room is one of the best gifts for your loved ones.

Window Shelf

Nowadays, air pollution is increasing rapidly. Doors and windows are the main source of dust and other contaminants. So it is suggested to place a pink salt lamp on window shelves of your home, as it can combat these pollutants and protect you from these harmful particles.


    1. No, but it’s important to be aware of this risk, especially if your cat is the curious type who likes to check out new objects in your home. It’s best to position your salt lamp so that it’s out of your cat’s reach, or keep it in a room that your cat doesn’t have access to.

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