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We provide our customers with Pure Himalayan Salt products that can be used at homes or at offices. The ability of Himalayan salt to act as a natural air purifier, helps reduce the toxicants in your living or work place. Pure Himalayan salt is also know to help treat asthma and other allergens. Our hand crafted Himalayan salt ornaments, will not only glorify your place but also purify the air to help you breathe.


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Himalayan Pink Salt
0 Comments18,Jul,2019

Today I’m all set to talk about the much-hyped question What is Himalayan Pink Salt which has been the talk of the town for a couple of years. Himalayan Pink Salt is the magical natural element which is of great color, has countless health benefits, is the ultimate supporter of the great cause of sustainability […]

Himalayan Salt Bricks for Salt Room
0 Comments17,Jul,2019

The salt results of the Himalayas are broad around the globe because of numerous legendary and true hypotheses. It is normally used to give meals a particular taste along with this it also provides several other benefits one of them is Himalayan salt bricks.  Himalayan salt brick is basically a crystal of Himalayan salt that […]

Magical Benefits of Pink Salt Products
0 Comments16,Jul,2019

Do you know that a salt table is made by using salt bricks? How can bricks be used to make tables? A table is another thing and bricks are a different thing, so how is it possible? It is true that salt tablets, known as Dixie are made by joining salt bricks to form a […]