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We provide our customers with Pure Himalayan Salt products that can be used at homes or at offices. The ability of Himalayan salt to act as a natural air purifier, helps reduce the toxicants in your living or work place. Pure Himalayan salt is also know to help treat asthma and other allergens. Our hand crafted Himalayan salt ornaments, will not only glorify your place but also purify the air to help you breathe.

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0 Comments18,May,2018

Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease initiated as a result of inflammation of bronchi leading to breathing syndromes. Pathophysiology: One of the many possible causes of inflammation is the presence of some irritant that activates inflammatory mediators and induce immune reaction mechanism initiation against the irritant. Resultantly airways becomes stiff and excessive mucus production takes […]

0 Comments18,May,2018

Introduction: Dyspnea is breathlessness in simple terms.People with Dyspnea find difficulty in smooth execution of respiration. It can be defined as intense chest tightening associated with a feeling of suffocation and strong desire for oxygen intake. In simple words one can say, dyspnea is dominated by shortness of breath and inadequate respiration. The Orthodox treatment […]

Benefits of pink salt
0 Comments18,May,2018

Pink salt characteristics are entirely dependent on its geographical location. The most effective, recognized and productive of all the varieties of pink salt is the Himalayan Salt. Pink salt resources are available  in Poland, peru, Australia, Hawaii and Utah. It is a false perception that: “salt induces hypertension”. Although it is a reality that excess of […]

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