Pink Salt Products

We provide our customers with Pure Himalayan Salt products that can be used at homes or at offices. The ability of Himalayan salt to act as a natural air purifier, helps reduce the toxicants in your living or work place. Pure Himalayan salt is also know to help treat asthma and other allergens. Our hand crafted Himalayan salt ornaments, will not only glorify your place but also purify the air to help you breathe.

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Our Featured Articles About Salt Products

Why The Halotherapy is Making Moves?
0 Comments26,Jul,2019

Halotherapy has been making major moves for the last three to four years. There are numerous reasons which justify the fact that Halotherapy is not one of those failed attempts to give health benefits in a soothing environment. Let’s get into detail how it is being done? Why is it making moves? Etc. Halotherapy is […]

Life-changing Himalayan Pink Salt Uses
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Himalayan Salt is the talk of the town for many years because of its numerous health benefits and other quite exceptional properties. Let’s get the facts straight whether it deserves all the hype or not.  Himalayan Salt is also known as Himalayan Pink Salt for the fact that it contains impurities which gives it the […]

Use of Himalayan Salt Bricks
0 Comments24,Jul,2019

The Pink Salt Wall (PSW) is the ultimate center of Himalayan salt products, which are exclusively designed and manufactured to help the people as well as the surroundings. The salt products help the people as they are full of health benefits; on the other hand, they also support the great cause of sustainability hence benefiting […]