Salt Room

You are taking the first steps to creating your own road to a rewarding and profitable business which will fill your life with joy, pride, and of course financial rewards. The salt therapy business will not be anything like going to a “job” or “work”. Instead, you have chosen a career in helping people feel better and you will be rewarded every time you hear your clients say “Thank you!” when they come in.

In addition, by owning a salt room, you will be creating a community and a healing space as a well as become recognized in your own community. We have created a business system with strategies that will show you the path to building your own salt room. We will provide you with a model of a fun filled salt room, and how to create and design welcoming space for your clients with your own personal touch.

It has been proven through some clinical trials to help with the following conditions:

♦ Reduces reactive airway reaction in Asthma.
♦ Helps lung and breathing capacity in COPD.
♦ Helps Skin conditions such as: Eczema and Psoriasis.
♦ In general, improves lung function.

Clients love it as it is non-invasive, with no side effects and low-cost treatment. Salt therapy helps reduce stress and lowers and controls Blood Pressure.Regular visits to salt room help overall health for all age groups from children to athletes, to older adults. Typically, a Client visits a Salt room 2 x per week. Many Salt Therapy wellness spas have a Monthly Membership, just like a gym, and many have add-on treatments such as facials and massage.

Install Your Own Choice of LED lights Or Electric Bulb