Himalayan salt tiles

The Origin and Applications of Himalayan Salt Tiles

Here, you are going to learn about the origin and applications of Salt Tiles. Let’s have a look at the following explained topics.

About Himalayan Salt Tiles

We will elaborate on the origin of Himalayan salt tiles and their incredible applications. Salt tiles are one of the unique products that are crafted from huge salt boulders. These gigantic salt boulders are located inside the Himalayan pink salt range, Khewra, Punjab, Pakistan.

They are used for multiple purposes. We can use it for health-related benefits, color variations, installation of salt room and its soothing therapies, appealing tools for decor purposes, heat therapy, and much more.

Himalayan pink tiles are a distinctive option for walls, floors, and shelves. Moreover, you can not deny its wellness properties.

Pink salt tiles are somehow similar to salt bricks but not at all. They are different in shape. So we can just have a difference between them regarding their specific shape.

Primarily, they are famous in the United States and other areas of Western countries. The United States is the biggest importer of Himalayan salt and its products from Pakistan.

Pakistan is the biggest exporter of Himalayan salt and its products like tiles, bricks, blocks, and decoration pieces. Pakistan mainly exports it to the United States, Brazil, and Vietnam.

Crafting of Himalayan Salt Tiles

In the beginning, crafting takes place in the Himalayan salt range of mountains. This mountain range is located in Khewra, Punjab, Pakistan. There are huge stones or boulders of Himalayan pink salt located at the deep foothills of the mountain range.

Firstly, the expert group of extractors cut down huge boulders into small pieces. After this process, the small pieces are sent for crafting.

 Secondly, parts of the salt rock are crafted into unique products. Likewise, bricks, tiles, blocks, lamps, 3D alphabets, vass, licking salt blocks, edible salt granules, and much more.

So this is a hard and long process to craft gigantic boulders into fine products.

Healing Powers of Himalayan Salt Tiles

There are multiple health benefits of installing pink salt tiles. If you install a room, wall, or decorated area ultimately it will heal your damaged health.

These pink tiles have the ability to release negatively charged ions in the atmosphere, so they can eliminate hazardous positive ions from the surroundings.

Long Life of Salt Tiles

Primarily, the origin of Himalayan salt tiles is from the Himalayan salt range in Pakistan. This mountain range was millions of years ago. So the huge salt rocks are still present in their shape which means they have the ability to sustain for millions of years.

But if we change its location there would be some effects of heat, pollution, and humidity. So still we can consider that, if we take care of these salt products appropriately then we can sustain their life upto decades.

Color Variations

There is a wide range of color variations in the market. Interestingly, all these colors are naturally occurring. Likewise, pink, red, white, orange, and grey, and their shades and combinations.

If you are going to install a room, wall, or counterparts of Himalayan salt tiles you have to choose the color of bulk. It's up to you to choose the same color for the bulk of the tiles or you may want to buy a bulk of mixed colors of tiles. So in this way, you have to choose the better option according to the location of your installation.

Competitive Tool for Decoration

There are multiple ways to give your home or workplace a competitive look. You can use Himalayan salt tiles for it. They can amazingly enhance the look and wellness of surroundings.

You can use them in living rooms, bedrooms, terraces, drawing rooms, corridors, countertops, kitchens, offices, schools, museums, art galleries, and many more indoor places.


Yes! This is true that salt tiles can also be used for cooking purposes. This beautiful decor item is not only for showcasing, even it can add natural minerals to your diet if the food is cooked on it.

There is a wide range of food that can be easily cooked on these tiles. Meat, veggies, salad, Desi, Italian, Chinese, and much more.

Incredibly, these tiles add health-boosting minerals to your food. Likewise, calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron, chloride, iodine, copper, aluminum, chromium, manganese, and other seventy trace elements.

For cooking, you don’t need to serve your food in an attractive dish or pot separately. The Himalayan salt tiles themselves are a great product for distinctive serving platters.

From time to time your tile will change colors and shades because of the food that is placed on it and the effect of heat while cooking. So the change in color of tiles will be a part of fascination.

Later on, the size of the tile will be small because of heat exposure and the release of negative ions consistently. In this way, you can use this small leftover as an edible salt for your food or to detoxify your body as a scrub.


Moreover, you should know about the instructions for the cooking, heating, and cleaning of these tiles.

If you want to clean these tiles on your own, you have to look forward to these steps.

Firstly, you should wipe it with a piece of dry cloth, to exclude it from any remaining food items, you can use tissue paper alternatively.

Secondly, do not put it under the tap of water directly. Because it can deform salt tiles. It can also lead to breakage once it is heated again.

Thirdly, Keep in mind to leave your tiles for 24 hours after wiping or cleaning them with water. On the other hand, there is no need for deep cleaning of the tiles because these tiles are alread.


Do not rapidly heat or cool your tile. It can lead to cracking or breakage. You can give time to it. Increase the space of time between heating and cooling of the tile.

Do not use any type of chemicals on this tile because the surface of Himalayan salt tiles is porous so it can absorb chemicals and later on it can release these chemicals into your food while it is heated up.

Leave your tiles up to 24 hours after cleaning them with water. If you use it before that given time span there would be breakage or cracking.

 Do not use a dishwasher or soap for cleaning. If you want to remove oil remains from the tile you can opt for lemon juice to clean it properly and naturally. It will give your Himalayan salt tile a clean and natural look.


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