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Choose Best & Get Healthier | Himalayan Salt Cooking Blocks

We are competitive and experienced merchants of Himalayan salt cooking  blocks. Our platform will ensure to give you one of the premium quality blocks to cook food on it.

Whether it is a barbecue party or casual cooking, the Himalayan salt block will give you the best experience of cooking. We never ever compromise on quality and customer satisfaction. Be extraordinary! Grill on salt-made blocks to inspire all the guests around you.

We are one of the competitive and experienced merchants of pure Himalayan salt products. Here we are offering a unique way of cooking and grilling on salt-made blocks.

Our first priority is to give our beloved customers quality products with a reliable shipping method. Clients rely on us so never compromise on their beliefs. The processing of cooking salt blocks is monitored by our professional team then it is safely shipped toward the client.

You will see all the appropriate and meaningful information here about the Himalayan cooking salt blocks. Interestingly, you can get detailed information about these products through our blogs and attached visual concepts like videos and pictures.

We take pure Himalayan salt rocks from the mountain range the Khewra, Pakistan. After this, we cut the rocks into finely shaped cooking salt blocks and then we ship them to our store which is located in California, United States. Stay tuned with us to get amazing ideas & benefits of using these salt-made cooking blocks. 

What Foods to Cook on a Himalayan Salt Block?
You are probably thinking about the food list that is best to cook on the Himalayan salt block. So there are numerous food items that are perfect while cooking or grilling on salt-made blocks.

All types of meats

Bakery Items


Sea Food

Fast Food

& Much More

How to use Salt Block?

Slowly Warm It

It’s possible that overheating your salt block will shatter it. To avoid this, turn the stove or oven up to 200°F (93°C) every 15 minutes.

Cook on the same side every time
In fact, if you will heat your salt block might generate minor cracks. Moreover, a natural color change over time will appear. To prevent cracks on your salt block, try to cook on the same side every time.

How to Increase Life of Salt Block
Specifically, Butter and other cooking oils are unnecessary and will shorten the life of your salt cooking slab. A scouring pad or soft brush can be used to scrape stubborn places.

Before Putting It In The Oven, Preheat It
Always preheat the block before putting it in the oven. Otherwise, you will abruptly see cracks on the salt block. 

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