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The geographical origin of Himalayan Salt Bricks and Salt Tiles

Are you looking for an eco-friendly interior design with a low carbon footprint that is aesthetic and health-efficient? Look no more and get salt bricks that grace your delicately designed interior with a soothing vibe.

Why should you prefer Himalayan salt bricks over ordinary bricks? Well, this is a question worth asking! 

Salt bricks have ousted ordinary bricks for their looks and health benefits. Not only do these bricks serve you the looks, but they also offer myriad health benefits. Stick to the page and keep reading the article to find out the health benefits of salt bricks that one can never imagine!

The Geographical origin of pink salt

Pink salt is an interesting natural reserve. Human beings have ingeniously crafted their way to turn this salt into a decorative tool from mere cooking ingredients.

But where does the mighty Earth bless its geography with this miracle of nature? Pink salt, which is named so because of its rosy hue, is mined in the khewra mines of Pakistan. These salt mines in the Punjab province of Pakistan are believed to be the oldest and biggest salt mines. To your awe, this salt contains a substantial number of minerals, including magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium and many more. Researchers believe these minerals are responsible for the pink appearance of the salt.

Diverse Uses of Himalayan Salt bricks and Pink salt tiles

Himalayan salt bricks and tiles do not limit their functionality to a single purpose. Instead, these products have far-fetched benefits, which may include aesthetic uses and health benefits.

Above all, you can make salt walls and even salt rooms via these bricks. Lately, these products are trending as building materials because they exhibit therapeutic effects. These bricks emit negative ions that mitigate the harmful effects of positive ions that are always present in the air. Thus, these improve air quality, alleviate breathing conditions and reduce the risks of respiratory allergies. However, the most common usage of these bricks and tiles prevails in meditation spaces.


Although humankind has discovered several other benefits of salt bricks, Himalayan pink salt still beholds the status of a cooking ingredient. The cooked Himalayan pink salt exhibits properties like antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-fungal. Thus, eat and defeat the micro-organisms.

You can use pink salt to make sushi, desserts and cheese.


You can style your rooms, lounges and spaces using these aesthetic bricks. Put your creativity to good use and style your domestic spaces with these elegant Himalayan salt bricks.

Salt Lamps

Sparkle your life with these pinkish bricks. These bricks can be cut into shapes and made into lamps. The warm pinkish light these lamps emit will bolster up the book fanatics with its medley of nostalgiac and vintage ambience.


Salt Spas and salt saunas are in trend now. Because these bricks bring together calm and health benefits, these products have gradually become the primary item for the saunas and spas of our age.

The Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, Himalayan salt bricks and tiles are celebrated for their potential health benefits:

Himalayan pink salt isn’t all about aesthetics rather, the salt bricks and tiles offer a streamline of health benefits, which are listed below:

Air Detoxification

We see an inclination of Himalayan pink salts towards water molecules. The salt bricks and tiles absorb water. Thus, this inhibits the growth of toxic microbes by absorbing in the air moisture.  As a result, these protect you against allergies and other viral infections.

Respiratory Health

 Who would have thought that inhaling salt could be a therapy for your respiratory tract? Inhaling in the microscopic particles of salt can unclog your respiratory tract and can help treat allergies, asthma and even bronchitis.

Stress Reduction

The pinkish glow, which is the trademark feature of these salt bricks and tiles, creates a soothing ambience in a room. As a result, the soft ambience relaxes our nerves, and we feel stress-relieved.

Better Sleep Cycle

You can now fix your sleep cycle with these Himalayan salt bricks! Wondering how? Well, the negative ion therapy helps us inhale high-quality oxygen and thus relaxes our muscle tissues. Because oxygen is crucial for tissue metabolism, we feel relaxed when we inhale quality air. Thus, we get a sound sleep with a calmer body and, hence, a calm brain.

Furthermore, the soft ambience also contributes to regulating our sleep cycle.

Skin Health

Nowadays, people apply Himalayan salt to treat their skin. The pink salt extends its services in salt scrubbing and salt bathing. The minerals it contains contribute to the detoxification of the skin, leading to smoother skin.

Maintenance and Care

Although Himalayan salt bricks and pink salt tiles offer a wide variety of benefits, these products demand little attention as well.  After you have installed these bricks in your walls, you need to take care of the product.

Here are some of the tips:


You must clean the walls with a damp or even a dry cloth. Never clean the product with water because there is a risk these walls will dissolve with time.

Avoid Exposure to Sunlight

Exposure to sunlight can dampen the salt tiles or bricks. Thus, do not use salt products for outdoor purposes. Install the products indoors to avoid contact with sunlight.


Himalayan salt bricks and salt tiles are more than just a decorative items. The pink salt is a miracle of nature that is a solution to many health problems. Pink salt is a cure for skin allergies and respiratory disorders and radiates tranquillity. It detoxifies air and supplements our body with many macro and micro-nutrients. Thus contributing to our health. But the list of benefits does not stop here. These products also prove to be best for meditation places and places like saunas and spas.

This growing trend of salt bricks is a sign for you to enhance your knowledge and update yourself regarding the products. Who knows, you may end up buying the product! Well, with the affordable prices and myriad health benefits, no one would want to miss on these gems.


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