Lit Pink Salt Bricks Used For Chromotherapy | Red Color

Lit Pink Salt Bricks Used For Chromotherapy | Red Color

Pink salt bricks are miraculous products that have numerous psychological and physical benefits, especially when illuminated. You can set led lights behind the bricks to create a red chromotherapy effect.

In the extreme richness of the tones between yellow and red, we have seen that there are, indeed, infinitive variations of orange, some of which seem even to escape classification. So it can happen that orange tends more toward red, in the way of a setting sun, for example.

We are in the presence here of a shade of great ambiguity whose excess as well as lack can turn out to be dangerous. But don’t worry: even if this color is always present in the suave glistening of salt crystal lamps, it is never in such a flagrant, dazzling way that I could become a destabilizing element.

Salt lamps tend more toward pink, which has softer, more attenuated energies than red. Nevertheless, we owe it to ourselves to study all of this color’s aspects.

The color red evokes blood more than anything else; indeed, the ambivalent nature of red is summed up perfectly by this dramatic symbol. Blood is the vital element, the flow of life that circulates within us and without which no existence would be possible. But it is also the expression of violence and aggressiveness. We refer to these aspects in popular parlance when we say of someone who has lost control of these impulses that “the blood went to this head” or “she saw red.”

Red is something of a paradox, simultaneously a symbol of cruelty, dynamism, aggressiveness, courage, vital energy, and perversity. It is the link between Eros and Thanatos (Death).

The color of passionate love, exaggerated carnality, bodies on fire, feverish desire, and an aphrodisiac color if ever there was one, red can also be dangerous. Isn't the Master of Hell often depicted in red or purple clothing? Yet it is also the color worn by cardinals and popes. It seems that a certain degree of spiritual elevation is required for mastery of the powers inherent in the color red.

In Hindu tradition, the color red is associated with the Muladhara chakra, which sits below the orange Svadhisthana chakra. This energetic center is also called the root chakra, for it connects us to powerful Earth energies and anchors us in the material world. It is associated with the gallbladder and the element Earth, to which, as we have seen, rock salt is also attached.

The Muladhara chakra, which is located at the level of the sacrum, traditionally has considerable importance. That’s where the infamous kundalini is coiled; the snake of brute, basic energy, whose rise through the chakras is synonymous with sacred ecstasy.

In chromotherapy, the red ray is used for the following psychological effects:
To give you back a taste for fighting and going beyond your limits.
To impart energy to weary, depressed people.
To recover from a failure or depression.

To find the energy needed for action within yourself.

To spice up your love relationship.

Using pink Himalayan salt brick we can collectively construct a room or sauna which will amazingly enable the chromotherapy effect. This salt therapy using red color will be so good for the psychological effects and physical health improving treatments.

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