Everything You Need to Know About Himalayan Salt Cooking Slab

Everything You Need to Know About Himalayan Salt Cooking Slab

Himalayan pink salt slab is famous almost all over the world for being one of the best yet sustainable options to cook and serve on. 

Himalayan pink salt slab also known as salt cooking plate is made of 100% pure Himalayan pink salt. It has a firm rectangular shape just like that of Himalayan salt tiles. The ideal dimensions of the slat slab are 8” x 8” x 1” weighing 6.2 pounds, however, the shape and dimensions can easily be made customized on the customers’ demands. Pink Salt Wall has recently added a round shaped salt slab as well to its Himalayan salt products on popular public demand. 



Himalayan pink salt cooking slab is used to cook and serve various foods on especially various kinds of steaks and fish. There are countless benefits of cooking on the cooking slab and the best one is the fact that it is made of Himalayan pink salt which is a wondrous natural element. Other benefits include the fact that the salt slab has a natural ability to spread heat all over the surface evenly which helps the food to cook easily without the doubt of uncooked sides. 

Moreover, there are various health benefits of the Himalayan salt slab. The food cooked on it gets the natural flavor of the Himalayan salt which makes the food anti-bacterial. It also maintains the PH level of the body and aids in eliminating dehydration. It reduced the acid flux from the body and thus improves the digestion system of the body. Moreover, it also improves the immune system of the body and many other benefits. It also reduces the chances of food poisoning by the food cooked on the salt slabs. 

The salt slab is very reliable and can be used again and again for cooking and serving. However, when it comes to cooking on it again and again, it has to be properly washed after every cook for the best results. In order to increase its natural reliability, it is recommended to be cleaned with the help of a damp sponge right after cooking.

It is proved to be an attractive serving platter especially for some fancy shamancy hot and cold dishes. The food being served on Himalayan pink salt slab automatically looks very deli and royal because of the beautiful textured colors of the slab.

Try Himalayan pink salt slab for cooking and serving purposes and live a healthy life. 

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