Mother’s Day Exclusive: PSW Offers Up To 40% Off And Free On Salt Cooking Plates

Mother’s Day Exclusive: PSW Offers Up To 40% Off And Free On Salt Cooking Plates

 No doubt, the salt slabs are already very affordable and long-lasting but PSW has made it super easy for its valuable customers to buy them in very less amount and enjoy happy yet healthy cooking. Not only this, the clients don’t have to worry about shipping charges as well.

     Salt Slab - Pink Salt Wall


Himalayan salt cooking plates have been one of the best-selling salt products of PSW and their demand even escalated after the pandemic took over the world. The reason behind their great demand is the fact that they are made of pure Himalayan pink salt which is comprised of 84 extra mineral contents including iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc. therefore the food that is being cooked on salt slabs gets mineral enriched. 

Moreover, the salt slabs also have an extraordinary ability to spread heat evenly throughout the surface and help the food to be cooked in less time and get juicier. They are perfect for baking pizzas, scones, cookies, etc., and for grilling various types of steaks, eggs, fish, seafood, etc. as well. They are also ideal for serving various cold dishes as the beautiful textured pink color of the slabs makes them very appealing for serving purposes. 

Himalayan salt slabs are ideal for blood pressure patients as they contain less sodium but add a healthy salty flavor to the foods. Their antibacterial properties also kill the bacteria in the food and make it absolutely purified to eat. 

There are various types of salt slabs available on the official website of Pink Salt Wall but the most common one is in a rectangular shape. It weighs 7.5 pounds and its dimensions are 12” (L) X 8” (W) X 1” (H). It is one of the most hit products all over the year for its great health benefits and sustainability. 

Go to the official website and avail the offer right away before the whole stock runs out. It can also be a perfect present to give to your mothers on this Mother’s Day as they never get enough of healthy yet versatile kitchen items. 

Happy Mother’s Day in advance!

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