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Pink Salt Wall Introduces Perfect Salt Product for Animals

The animal-licking salt block is made of pure Himalayan pink salt which makes it a healthy lick option for animals. It is designed to be an absolutely healthy snack for animals especially those who love to lick salt like horses, goats, cows, rabbits and a few wild animals like deer and zebras as well. 

It is a broad cylindrical shaped block having a circle through its center for a firm rope placement. It comes with a 36 inches strong rope in order to hang in pastures and homes easily. The rope is exclusively designed keeping in mind the fact that animals don’t destroy it by constant pulls while licking the salt block. It weighs just 7lbs and its diameter is 4.5”. It costs only $14.99 and goes on for months.

Benefits of Animal Licking Salt Block:

The salt block is made of pure Himalayan pink salt which contains 80 plus extra mineral contents including calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron etc. It also has less sodium contents as compared to common salts which help in maintaining the blood pressure of animals. Other amazing health benefits include: 

  • It boosts the immune system of animals by providing them with the essential nutrients. 
  • Animals mostly live in ecosystems with poor nutrients thus this block gives their bodies the healthy amount of nutrients and mineral contents to live longer. 
  • The animal licking Himalayan salt block helps in controlling the hormonal balance of animals. 
  • It helps in maintaining a balance in sugar level. 
  • It also helps in eliminating weird behaviors like drinking their own urine and others.
  • The salt blocks are perfect for cattle as it helps them provide more milk. 
  • It also magically increases the productivity and efficiency of animals. 
  • The mineral contents in the block also help animals to breed well.

Free Shipping and Other Benefits: 

Pink Salt Wall is famous for providing various discount offers on all of its salt products along with free gifts and free shipping options. It also celebrates different events like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas etc. by providing major sales. Likewise, animal licking blocks are also up for free shipping if the order gets above $35. 

Visit the official website of Pink Salt Wall to buy your pets a healthy present. Download PSW’s official app available on iOS and Android to avail unlimited discounts and offers. 

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