Amazing Health Benefits of Himalayan Pink Licking Salt

Amazing Health Benefits of Himalayan Pink Licking Salt

Regulate water content both inside and outside of cells. Balance pH (alkaline/acidity) and help to reduce acid reflux. Prevent muscle cramping. Helps in proper metabolism functioning.

Himalayan Pink Licking Salt:

Himalayan pink licking salt is an ancient concept of providing various minerals to the animals by giving them Himalayan salt blocks to lick on. It’s ideal for animals who love to lick on salt like horses, deer, cattle, zebras and etc. The history of Himalayan licking salt goes back to centuries when the healing properties of the salt got discovered. It was discovered that Himalayan salt is an ultimate source of mineral contents like potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and etc.

     Animal Licking Salt Block - Pink Salt Wall

Mineral Licking Salt Block:

So, from this very point, the concept of mineral licking took place, in which the Himalayan salt tiles or salt blocks are being placed in the pastures for the animals to lick on and get healthy naturally. Mineral licking is said to have countless health benefits but the major ones are as follows:


  • Himalayan pink salt’s rich mineral contents help in improving the immune system of the cattle.
  • Mineral licks provide proteins and vitamins to animals.
  • They help the animals in grow rapidly.
  • They satisfy the cravings of the animals especially deer and elephants in a healthier way.
  • It builds the body of the cattle to fight off diseases especially deadly wounds.
  • The pink salt’s rich minerals traces also boost the running ability of the horses by making their bones stronger.
  • They also fulfill animals’ mineral intake and make them healthy.
  • Himalayan pink salt enhance and boosts the nervous capabilities of animals.
  • They help animals release the distress behaviors and ease their gut.
  • They benefit animals by preventing them from over licking, grazing and chewing on other non edible surfaces.
  • They are very beneficial for more milk production in animals.
  • Himalayan salt helps animals to maintain healthy body and coats with better shiny skin.
  • They increase the appetite of animals resulting in more intakes of food and nutrients.

Himalayan salt fills the deficiency of salts and other minerals in result of excessive sweating and warm climate.

Authenticity Salt Blocks:

The authenticity of salt blocks play an important role in providing all the above mentioned health benefits to the animals. Numerous duplicate and replicas are widely spread in market after the ultimate success of Himalayan pink salt blocks in pastures and animal farms. Those unhealthy and fake salt blocks are primary reason for degradation of animal’s health. Many farmers have reported the unhealthy salt borne diseases in animals. Salt blocks produced by authentic and certified company can only guarantee the health results in animals through a proper intake.

Pink Salt Wall is one of the authentic companies which guarantee the positive results through their special salt products for both animals and human beings. Visit their website and have a great and healthy salt shopping.   

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