What is Salt Lick and Mineral Lick? How Does it Benefit Animals?

What is Salt Lick and Mineral Lick? How Does it Benefit Animals?

Salt Lick: 

Salt lick is defined as the place where animals including wildlife and domestic animals go to lick salt to fulfil their nutritional needs. The salt lick can be natural salt deposits or artificially placed by people in the form of salt blocks. After a keen research on the concept of salt lick and its impacts on animals, experts have reached to the conclusion that it provides major health benefits to the animals. It’s simply because the natural salt deposits are full of essential mineral including phosphorus, iron, zinc, calcium and others. 

Mineral Lick: 

Mineral lick is the transformed version of salt lick as it includes artificially placed Himalayan salt blocks in the pastures and farms to give major health benefits to animals. Himalayan pink salt is used instead of common salt as it contains 84 extra mineral traces and elements including calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron etc. These mineral traces make the animals stronger and impact their overall performance quite positively. People mainly use the pink salt blocks in the pastures for ultimate well being of their horses, in farms for cattle (buffaloes, cows, camels, domestic sheep, goats etc.) and homes for pets. 

Major Health Benefits for Animals:

The pink salt blocks have countless health benefits as the mineral traces in the salt fulfil their nutritional needs and make them perform well and live longer. Let’s dig deep into some of the major health benefits that pink salt blocks provide to animals upon proper licking.

  • Himalayan salt blocks contain more useful minerals and less sodium traces which help in maintaining blood pressure of the animals. 
  • They make the animals more muscular and stronger to perform well.
  • They are proved to make the horses’ hoof stronger to run faster.
  • They also provide essential minerals to cattle and make them provide more milk.
  • They help in eliminating anxious behaviours and abnormal cravings of the animals by fulfilling their nutritional needs. 
  • They also develop the nervous system of animals. 

Pink salt blocks are easily available now in various shapes and sizes however; the most common ones are usually in cylindrical shape and come with a rope for easy hanging. 

Give your animals a healthy present in the form of pink salt block and witness the positive changes.  

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