Three Best Uses Of Himalayan Salt Bricks/Blocks

Three Best Uses Of Himalayan Salt Bricks/Blocks

Himalayan Pink Salt: 

Himalayan Pink Salt is an exceptional rock salt which is extracted from the salt ranges of Punjab. It has a beautiful pink hue because of extra mineral contents that it posses, which gives it the name Pink Salt. It is mainly used for being an additive in the food as table salt which gives great flavor to the food. However, not only this it is also used for excessive construction, decoration, therapeutic and many other purposes. 

All the salt products are proved to be very beneficial but its main product which is salt bricks has separate value. The salt bricks/blocks have uncountable uses but the best three of them are as follows. 

     Salt Room - Pink Salt Wall


Construction Purposes: 

When it comes to its construction purposes then its most practical example is the fact that pink salt bricks are used for making Spelotherapy cabin on an international level. Spelotherapy cabin is an exclusively made room having its floors and walls made of pink salt. It is used to treat various respiratory, skin and anxiety issues by using the abilities of Himalayan salt. 

The Spelotherapy cabin looks absolutely marvellous when lights reflect on the bricks and illuminate their natural hue. So, it’s famous all over the world for its illuminated beauty, soothing environment and never-ending health benefits.

Cooking Purposes: 

Himalayan salt blocks are used for various cooking and serving purposes. Yes! You heard it right, the new trend of cooking on Himalayan salt block has taken over the world in no time because of its great insights. Food that is cooking on salt blocks automatically gets more flavorful but as well healthy because of all the extra minerals of the salt. Salt blocks are also proved to be the best for when it comes to serving various cold and hot dishes. 

How They Help Animals to Heal Fast:

Salt bricks/blocks are also used for the absolute healing of injured/diseased animals. 

Moreover, just like human beings, animals also suffer from the deficiency of Sodium chloride, which leads to a few major diseases. So scientists have proved through various experiments that placing salt blocks in pastures can be proved extremely healthy for the animals. There is a proper historical reason behind why these blocks are used in pastures and for building animal shelters. 

Other Himalayan Salt Products: 

For Himalayan salt’s healing powers and extraordinary abilities it is used to make various salt products including salt baskets, bowls, lamps, tables, spa bars, cooking slabs, candles, candle holders, frames and much more. 

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